The Sentiment: “Had a wonderful night!!! Super insightful, empowering, and educational. Also got to talk to one of the panelists! Thank you for everything!” – Rolodex Attendee

The idea for Rolodex, our inaugural event for The Amelia Project, was to convene a group of richly talented women in film, tv and production to offer their knowledge and experience to kids thinking about or in pursuit of storytelling. The panelists, all powerhouses in their own right, not only agreed to be part of the discussions, but they also spent time connecting with the students during scheduled breaks and provided follow-up contact information for attendees.

We wanted real interaction, real questions, and real engagement. We got that.

The Data: 16 Panelists. 2 Moderators. 100 Students (ages 16+)

There are many avenues to take when it comes to production. It’s important to connect and have people who understand the journey. You create something and then send it out into the world to be viewed. It can be difficult to hear feedback, criticism or even achieve success.
Plus, it can be lonely and overwhelming. Art is like that. You create and then you must let go.

We are grateful for all the students who shared their stories with us, asked great questions and spent their Friday night with us. We are grateful to our panelists who continually show up in this space for the next generation. We are in awe of you.

Thank you to our sponsors who helped make this possible and to Point Park University Cinema Arts Department for being a champion of this event and providing us space to hold Rolodex.

Panelist Feedback: “Great event! Great panelists and great questions, which made for a very interesting, informative and fun evening!